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Trenitalia Frecciabianca



Countries Served:

Frecciabianca trains (also known as Eurostar City), operated by Trenitalia, are long-distance trains that run every one or two hours on important routes within Italy.


All Frecciabianca trains are air-conditioned, non-smoking, and have reserved seats. Typically, trains have two First Class carriages, and seven Second Class carriages (a total of 581 seats).

First Class carriages are more spacious than Standard Class, with wider seats arrnaged in rows of three (one pair and one single). Seats face each other across a table. All First Class seats have access to a power socket for charging portable devices, and passengers receive complimentary coffee form the refreshment trolley.

Second Class seats are arranged in rows of two pairs, with seats facing each other over a table. Most seats have access to a power socket for charging mobile devices.

Luggage & Facilities

Luggage should be stored in the dedicated luggage racks provided. There are no set limits on the number or weight of items, although bulkier items might not fit within the spaces provided.


Bicycles may be carried on Frecciabianca services, but they must be disassembled and packed in an appropriate bag. There is a fee of €12 to transport bicycles.

Food & Drink

Frecciabianca trains have a refreshment trolley, and some have a small food/drinks counter. These 'corner bars' are gradually being introduced across the fleet, eventually replacing the refreshment trolley.

WiFi / Internet

Trenitalia are rolling out WiFi across the Frecciabianca fleet.

Travelling with Pets

Small dogs, cats and other domestic pets may be transported free of charge in First and Seond Class, provided they are kept in a container no larger than 70x30x50cm.  One carrier per passenger will be permitted. Travellers from outside Italy must be able to produce a pet passport on demand during travel.

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