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Thello Sleeper Trains



Countries Served:

Thello is a new train service, operated by Veolia Transdev and Trenitalia, and running between destinations in France and Italy. The Thello service has been created out of the ashes of Artesia, which used to serve the same overnight destinations, but was a joint venture between Trenitalia and TGV. That arrangement is no more, and so Thello services are their replacement. At present, Thello is only operating one route, between Paris and Venice, but other routes should follow.


Thello services offer passengers three levels of accommodation comfort.

Cabin Beds

The highest quality accommodation on Thello services is in the 1, 2 or 3 bed cabins. While each cabin has three berths, passengers may choose to have the room to themselves, or with one or two other passengers. These cabins are situated in the quietest section of the train, thanks to noise insulation. Passengers are provided with towels and bedding, and each cabin has its own sink. A toileteries kit and bottle of water are also offered for free. Breakfast, served in the dining car, is provided free for passengers travelling in this class of accommodation.

4 Berth Compartments

Four-berth compartments have one extra bed, but are still provided with bedding and towels, as well as a bottle of water and slippers. Toilet and sink facilities are available in each carriage. Compartments are shared with other travellers (unless you are travelling as a group), and are mixed sex.

6 Berth Compartments

The best value accommodation option is the six berth compartment. Again, these are provided with all bedding and towels, as well as a bottle of water. Toilet and sink facilities are available in each carriage. Compartments are shared with other travellers (unless you are travelling as a group), and are mixed sex.

Luggage & Facilities

Passengers may travel with two suitcases  in addition to hand luggage. However, you must be able to carry your luggage independently, and items should not be too bulky. All luggage should be stored within your compartment in the luggage racks provided. Bicycles, skis, and other bulky sporting equipment may not be carried on-board.

Food & Drink

Cabin Bed passengers receive complimentary breakfast, served in the dining car. Other passengers may purchase food from the dining car, or from the vending machines found in each carriage. The dining car serves a selection of hot and cold food, mixing French and Italian cuisine. Alternatively, the bar services a range of snacks and drinks. Pastries and coffee are available in the morning.

Disabled Passengers

Thello services are accessible. Folding wheelchairs are provided for wheelchair-users. Passengers accompanying disabled travellers for assistance may benefit from a 50% discount on the Flexi fare. These tickets must be purchased through thello.com or with the company over the phone. When you purchase your ticket, you will be required to pay full price before being compensated by post.

Travelling with Pets

Pets may travel with passengers for free if they weigh less than 5kg and travel in a suitable pet container. Dogs that meet these requirements must be on a lead and muzzled if they are not in their cage. If you are sharing a compartment with strangers, you must check that they don't mind you travelling with your pet. If they do, either you or your cabin mates will be relocated. 

Guide dogs of any size are accepted, and do not need to travel with a muzzle.

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