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Norwegian State Railways (NSB) is responsible for most passenger trains in Norway. The company operates three types of train; InterCity, Regional and Commuter. Its InterCity trains are operated on longer-distance routes such as the Bergen Line, the Dovre Line and the Sorland Line. 

Normally, InterCity trains generally operate with a first class carriage, second class carriages, a sleeping carraige (for overnight routes), a playroom and wheelchair carriage, and a restaurant carriage.


All InterCity trains are Second Class, although some services offer an upgrade called NSB Komfort (detailed below). NSB offers a number of sleeper services in addition to daytime InterCity services. Sleeping accommodation is referred to as NSB Sove.

NSB Komfort

Some InterCity routes offer a separate section of the train, designed for a little extra comfort. These areas offer passengers electrical sockets for charging portable devices, as well as access to complimentary newspapers, tea and coffee. Passengers in this section also have their own table. NSB Komfort is available as a supplement to your normal ticket, at a cost of NOK 90 per person, no matter which route/length of journey. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

NSB Sove

A number of InterCity services are operted overnight. Sleeping accommodation is not compulsory; you may choose to travel in standard seated carriages. If you would prefer to have a proper night's rest however, you can upgrade to a sleeping compartment. These cabins offer two berths with mattresses, blankets and pillows. 

Each sleeping compartment can accommodate up to two adults, and children under the age of 4 may travel free of charge in the same cabin, although it is recommended that they have their own berth as they are not particularly wide. 

Sleeping accommodation passengers receive a travel pack including eye mask, ear plugs, pillow and blanket. There is a specially adapted wheelchair compartment available, although this can only be booked through NSB's call centre.

Sleeping accommodation is available for a fixed fee of NOK 850 per compartment.

NSB Familie

Some InterCity services offer young families a dedicated area in which to enjoy the journey. This part of the train includes a separate playroom, with books and children's films. It also has separate seating for parents, as well as a nappy changing table in the toilets. Spaces for prams or puschairs may be booked in this area, although space must be reserved in advance, when you purchase your ticket.

NSB Stille

Some routes offer a quiet carriage, where mobile phones, PCs and music are not allowed to be used at an audible level. There is no additional cost to sit in this carriage, just find an empty seat.

Luggage & Facilities

Passengers are entitled to bring up to 30kg of luggage with them on-board InterCity services. Ski or snowboard equipment is also welcomed, but must be placed in the designated area, in appropriate bags.


Most InterCity services offer allocated spaces for bicycles. These spaces must be reserved in advance, and can be booked at the time of ticket purchase. Bicycle spaces can only be booked through the NSB call centre (+47 815 00 888) or from Norweigan railway stations. Bicycle reservation fees are half the standard ticket price, to a maximum of NOK 179. On the Bergen Line during summer months, there is a flat fee of NOK 179 in operation.

Food & Drink

All InterCity trains have a buffet carriage (NSB Meny Cafe). These facilities offer a range of hot meals, snacks, salads, pastries, sweets and drinks. Food is a little on the expensive side, with a pizza costing from NOK 79.

Shorter InterCity routes have on-board vending machines selling snacks, sweets and drinks (sandwiches from NOK 25).

WiFi / Internet Access

NSB is steadily introducing free internet access across its routes. At the moment, the most reliable service is on regional routes, but some InterCity routes have access. Speeds are not great, and the service is not 100% reliable. Passengers are not permitted to undertake any bandwith-intensive exercises such as streaming movies or music.

Disabled Passengers

All of NSB's newer trains, such as those operated on InterCity routes are well equipped for wheelchair users. Trains have lifts to help passengers get on-board, have accessible toilet facilities, and wheelchair lockdown fasteners. Older trains have ramps to ease access. 

Travelling with Pets

Dogs and small domestic animals are welcome onboard all NSB trains. Owners are responsible for the animals while they are on-board, and they should remain with the passenger for the length of their journey. Dogs should be kept on leads, and should not be allowed into sleeping compartments, dining cars or disabled/children's carriages.

Guide dogs travel free of charge on NSB trains. Dogs with a shoulder height of less than 40cm also travel free. Other animals must have a ticket to travel (usually the same price as a child's fare).

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