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Night Riviera Sleeper Train



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The Night Riviera Sleeper service, operated by First Great Western, is an overnight rail service that runs between London and Penzance. It is one of the last two remaining sleeper services that operate within the UK (the other being the Caledonian Sleeper between London and Scotland). Two trains are run each night (one in each direction), six nights a week.

The Night Riviera service follows only one route, between London Paddington and Penzance, calling at other destinations en route such as Reading, Exeter and Plymouth.


Passengers travelling on the Night Riviera service have three accommodation choices; a solo cabin, a twin cabin or a reclining seat. Solo cabins offer a lower berth, with basin, designed for single occupancy. These cabins have an in-built entertainment system (Volo TV) - but remember to bring headphones, as purchasing these from the lounge car will cost you £2.50. Twin cabins offer bunk-style beds, designed for dual occupancy. These cabins do not have any built-in entertainment system. The seated carriage offers passengers large, reclining (First Class-standard) seating (seated passengers are not permitted to sit in the Lounge Car).

All berths come with blankets and bedding, and a toiletries pack is provided (containing soap, flannel, toothbrush, toothpaste etc). All cabins have a basin with running water, but toilet facilities are share, with two found in each carriage.

It is possible to book sleeping compartments that are inter-connected.

Luggage & Facilities

There are no strict limits on the amount of luggage each passenger can take aboard the Night Riviera service. As the sleeping accommodation is relatively compact, you can only really fit a couple of medium sized suitacases in the luggage racks provided. Alternatively, bulkier items may be placed in the Guard's Carriage, although you won't have access to them for the duration of the journey.


The Night Riviera Sleeper has space for bicycles in the Guard's Van. They can be transported free of charge, but you will need to book a space in advance (telephone First Great Western on 0845 678 6980) as there is limited room.

Disabled Passengers

There are no wheelchair-accessible sleeping compartments on the Night Riviera Sleeper service. There are however, disabled-friendly spaces in the seating carriage if required.


Solo cabins have an inbuilt entertainment system known as Volo TV. The system offers passenger a range of film, radio and television programmes, available free of charge. The sleeping compartments do not have power sockets, so make sure you charge your portable devices in advance (or in your origin station's First Class Lounge).

Toilets & Showers

There are no showering facilities available on-board the Night Riviera Service. Instead, passengers may use the First Class facilities available at London Paddington station, where showers are available. Toilets are available on-board each train, but are not en-suite.

Food & Drink

There is buffet counter on board each train, serving a range of hot and cold food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. All passengers receive a complimentary breakfast including cereal, tea/coffee and fruit juice. The Lounge Car operates on all services, complete with comfortable chairs and tables for use solely by passengers with sleeping accommodation.

Travelling with Pets

Only registered assistance dogs may travel in the sleeping compartments. Dogs housed in suitable pet carriers may travel in the guard's van. Contact First Great Western for more information.

First Class Lounge

Night Riviera passengers may make full use of the First Class Lounge at London Paddington. This offers passengers complimentary drinks and snacks, and power points for charging mobile devices. Shower and toilet facilities are also available.

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