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First Capital Connect (FCC)



Countries Served:

First Capital Connect is a train operator in the United Kingdom, operating services across and around London. Around 150,000 passengers use the service each day on the Great Northern and Thameslink routes.


First Capital Connect offers First Class accommodation on selected routes. FIrst Class seats are found in compartments, or at one end of a carriage. They are generally similar to Standard Class accommodation, but as they are more expensive and therefore less popular, passengers are more likely to find a seat on busy routes.

Luggage & Facilities

Passengers may travel with as much luggage as they like. During peak periods on popular routes, space is limited, and therefore travelling with a large number of bags is unadvisable. 

Priority Seating

All FCC trains have specially designated 'Priority Seats' which are designed for the use of people less able to stand. While these seats may be taken by anyone, priority should be given to the disabled, pregnant women, the elderly, or those travelling with children. The company operates a system of 'Priority Cards', whereby passengers in need of a seat may present their card to somone sitting in a Priorty Seat.


Folding bicycles may be carried on FCC trains at any time. Non-folded bicycles are not permitted at the following times:

At any time between Drayton Park and Moorgate;

On trains from Stevenage or Hertford North arriving in London between 07.00 and 09.30, or leaving London on the same route between 16.00 and 19.00, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

On trains between Ely and Cambridge that arrive or depart between 07.45 and 09.45;

On Thameslink route trains to London that arrive or pass through any London station between 07.00 and 10.00 or 16.00-19.00, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Full details of the company's bicycle policy can be found here.

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