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Some of the information below may be out of date as a result of changing timetables and services. Please double check the accuracy of all information before travelling.

The booking forms should be up to date however, so if tickets for a particular service are available, then the service should be operational.

Croatian Railways (HŽ)



Countries Served:

Croatian Railways (Hrvatske željeznice, or simply HŽ) is the national rail operator for Croatia. In total, the network covers nearly 3,000km of track, although much of it is in need of upgrades.

There are a few principal rail routes that are operated within the country:

  • Dobova - Zagreb - Slavonski Bord - Vinkovci - Tovarnik;
  • Zagreb - Koprivnica - Osijek;
  • Zagreb - Rijeka;
  • Zagreb - Split;
  • Zagreb - Sisak; and
  • Zagreb - Varazdin.

In addition, there are a number of international routes that run to/from Croatia, some of which are operated by HZ.


The quality of trains in operation with HZ varies considerably. Whilst a number of newer trains have been introduced in recent years, a considerable number of older trains still remain in service.

On more modern services, both First and Second Class accommodation is available. These trains, which tend to operate on the more popular routes, offer passengers comfortable seats, with access to tables. Modern trains are air conditioned

Luggage & Facilities

Most trains have plenty of space for luggage, kept in racks above or below seats. On some routes, passengers are given complimentary coffee on-board. Trains don't offer any sort of food service, so passengers are advised to stock up in advance before boarding.

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