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Naples - Sorrento (Ferry)


The Journey

Catching a ferry between Naples and Sorrento is often a safer and more enjoyable alternative to the Naples - Sorrento (Circumvesuvian Train). There are a couple of options with regard to which ferry you catch as well.

Alilauro Hydrofoil

The Alilauro Hydrofoil offers the quickest route between Sorrento and Naples, travelling to/from Naples' Moro Beverello pier. The trip lasts about 40minutes, and costs €11 one-way (return fares are double the single fare). The boat itself is very fast, and as a result, passengers aren't permitted to stand on-deck. You can still see plenty of scenery from your seat, but if you would rather have the opportunity to take photographs, I would recommoend the Metro del Mare. Full details are available on the Alilauro website.

Metro del Mare

The Metro del Mare network operates along the length of the Amalfi Coast, and as a result, there are plenty of different services that operate between Naples and Sorrento. For this route, you need to catch the MM1, MM2, MM3 or MM7. The quickest route between Naples and Sorrento is the MM3 ferry, as it only stops at one other port between the cities. A single ticket costs from €6.50. Full details can be found on the Metro del Mare website.

Alilauro Ferries

Alilauro are an Italian ferry company that operate on various routes to/from Ischia, Capri, Naples, Sorrento, the Aeolian Island, the Pontine Islands, Flumicino and Anzio. The company's primary routes are:

  • Capri - Ischia;
  • Ischia - Naples;
  • Naples - Sorrento; and
  • Sorrento - Ischia.

The company currently operates around 32 vessels, having first started operation in 1944.

Most of the ships within the fleet are either hydrofoils or catamarans. Due to the short nature of most of the routes offered, passenger accommodation is relatively standard seating arrangements.

Most of Italy's ferry companies operating on tourist routes, including Alilauro, charge passengers to carry luggage, at a rate of around €2 per person.

Metro del Mare

Metro del Mare is a shuttle ferry operator, offering routes around the Amalfi coast. Traditionally, the company has operated routes that run along the length of the coast, stopping at key destinations such as Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi en route. 

Taking a boat rather than driving along the coastline can be significantly safer, and also offers a slight change of pace to the usual Italian driving!

The company operates between April and October, with less frequent services outside of peak tourist season.

The boats used by Metro del Mare are basic passenger services, operating short hop services.

Passengers are permitted to carry luggage onboard the vessels.


Timetables vary considerably depending on season. Both services operate relatively frequently.

OperatorDirectionDeparture Time
Alilauro HydrofoilNaples to Sorrento09.0011.0013.0015.0517.15
 Sorrento to Naples08.1010.0012.0014.0016.25
Metro del MareNaples to Sorrento08.30----
 Sorrento to Naples18.25----

Metro del Mare journeys between Naples and Sorrento take 30-35 mins.

For more information and to view other timetables, visit Metro del Mare or Alilauro Hydrofoil.


Tickets can be bought on-the-day for these services, at a cost of €11 each way. Alilauro tickets can be bought online direct from the operator in advance. Alternatively, follow the link below.

OperatorAdult (12+)Child (2-12)Infant (0-2)Luggage
Alilauro Hydrofoil€11€8Free€2
Metro del Mare€11€11Free-


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