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Some of the information below may be out of date as a result of changing timetables and services. Please double check the accuracy of all information before travelling.

The booking forms should be up to date however, so if tickets for a particular service are available, then the service should be operational.

Hirtshals - Seydisfiordur (Smyril Line Ferry)


The Journey

The Smyril Line ferry service operating between Denmark and the Faroe Islands and Iceland operates between April and October, although the start/end destination varies depending on time of the year.

This page deals with the Hirtshals / Esbjerg - Seydisfiordur service via Tórshavn (Faroe Islands). Full details of this rather complicated timetabling/routing system can be found on the Smyril Line website here.

The journey is made onboard the Norrona, a part cargo part passenger ship, which is able to carry up to 1482 passengers, 800 cars and 3250 tonnes of cargo. The ship contains a variety of things to entertain passengers, including restaurants, bars, shopping, a cinema, playground and a small swimming pool.

If you are travelling with your car, remember to remove all the belongings you want to have with you from your car, as you will not be allowed back to it during the course of the voyage.

Hirtshals is connected by motorway to the rest of Denmark. A train also operates from Hirtshals to Aalborg via Hjorring. Seyðisfjörður is a 7 or 8 hour drive from Reykjavík by car, or 8 or 9 hours by bus. It is possible to catch public transport from the ferry terminal to the city, but this involves a one-night stopover in Akureyri. More information on these public transport options can be found at www.dice.is or www.bsi.is.

Smyril Line Ferries

Having been established in 1982, Smyril Line offers passenger and freight shipping in the North Atlantic and North Sea. The company offers passengers on foot or with cars to travel to/from Iceland and the Faroe Islands by ferry.

The company operates with a single ship, the M/S Norröna; one of the newest passenger ships in the Atlantic. The ship offers a choice of three levels of accommodation; couchettes, standard berths and De Luxe cabins. 


Couchettes are the best value accommodation option for your voyage. Couchettes are effectively just plastic covered mattreses; you will need to bring a sleeping bag or suitable bedding. Each cabin has six or nine berths which are shared with other passengers. Bathroom and toilet facilities are shared with other couchette cabins in each gangway.


All cabins have a bath/shower, television, wardrobe and desk, and are available with or without a window (without a window is obviously cheaper). Cabins with windows also come with a fridge. All cabins come with bed linen, towels and wardrobes, and bathrooms have a hairdryer and electric razor socket. Cabins feature electrical sockets for charging portable devices as well as a television for entertainment. Cabins come in a choice of sizes: 2-berths, 3-berths and 4-berths. 

2-berth cabins are arranged with a bunk bed (top bunk folds up when not in use). The bottom bunk converts into a sofa for daytime use. 3-berth cabins have one fold-up bunk bed and two sofas. 4-berth cabins have two fold-up bunk beds as well as two sofas. 

De Luxe Cabins

De Luxe cabins are more spacious than standard cabins, featuring double beds rather than bunks, as well as a sofa, two chairs, a telephone and other facilities. All De Luxe cabins have windows, fridges and en-suite bathrooms.

Food & Drink

Smyril Line offers passengers the choice of cafeteria meals, a buffet, or a la carte restaurant. If you pre-order your meal before travelling you can save up to 18%. The prices below include this discount.

Breakfast07.00-09.00Norröna Buffet€12
18.00-22.00Norröna Buffet€25
18.00-21.00Simmer Dim Steakhouse€37

Special dietary requirements can also be catered for in the Simmer Dim Steakhouse, at a price of €26.

Packed lunches to take ashore with you on arrival are available from the cafeteria. They include three sandwiches, a cookie, a piece of fruit and a fruit juice for €10. Packed lunches should be ordered by 17.00 the day before you want the lunch.

Smyril offers passengers a choice of three cafes/bars, serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in a friendly atmosphere. Tickets for the cinema are sold at reception, with room for 23.


The Norröna offers passengers a choice of facilities for their entertainment, including a swimming pool and sauna, cinema and playground.


Smyril offers passengers the chance to buy duty-free goods in its on-board shop. Products include perfume, alcohol and accessories.


Passengers are permitted to travel with up to 200kg of luggage, although it cannot include items for commerce/sale.

Disabled Passengers

Specially designed cabins are available for disabled passengers. The cabins offer a greater amount of space in the room, walkways and toilets. Their bathrooms have specially designed sinks, mirrors and toilets. Disabled cabins all have windows.

WiFi / Internet

Passengers can take advantage of WiFi internet onboard their vessel. This service is provided via satellite, so is unable to support high bandwidth exercises such as streaming videos or music. Internet access cab be bought from reception or by credit card when accessing the system. Prices are as follows:

  • Half an hour - €9.50
  • 1 hour - €15
  • 4 hours - €19
  • 24 hours - €25
  • 48 hours - €32

Travelling with Pets

Passengers may travel with their pets, provided they comply with all customs regulations. Travelling with pets will incur a supplementary charge, and will be subject to additional conditions to be set by Smyril Line.


If you are travelling with a vehicle, you are advised to check-in at least 1.5 hours in advance if travelling from Torshavn, 2 hours in advance if travelling from Hirtshals, and 3 hours in advance if travelling from Seyðisfjörður. If you are travelling without a vehicle, you should arrive one hour before scheduled departure. Disabled passengers are requested to arrive no later than 2.5 hours before departure.

Passengers are requested to leave their cabins at least two hours before arrival at your destination.

Hirtshals - Seyðisfjörður:

PeriodHirshals to SeyðisfjörðurSeyðisfjörður to Hirtshals
31.03 - 13.06Sat 15.00Tue 09.00Wed 20.00Sat 10.00
19.06 - 23.08Tue 09.00Thu 07.30Thu 10.00Sat 12.30
25.08 - 24.10Sat 15.00Tue 09.00Wed 20.00Sat 10.00

Hirtshals - Torshavn:

PeriodHirtshals to TorshavnTorshavn to Hirtshals
07.01 - 14.06Sat 15.00Mon 05.00Thu 21.00Sat 10.00
16.06 - 24.08Sat 15.30Sun 21.30Sun 22.30Tue 07.00
Tue 09.00Wed 15.00Fri 03.30Sat 12.30
25.08 - 13.12Sat 15.00Mon 05.00Thu 21.00Sat 10.00

Torshavn - Seyðisfjörður:

PeriodTorshavn to SeyðisfjörðurSeyðisfjörður to Torshavn
07.04 - 14.06Mon 14.00Tue 09.00Wed 20.00Thu 15.00
16.06 - 24.08Wed 15.30Thu 07.30Thu 10.00Fri 03.00
25.08 - 28.10Mon 14.00Tue 09.00Wed 20.00Thu 15.00

The full sailing schedule can be viewed here.

Stopping Over at the Faroe Islands

As a result of the ferry's rather odd routing, it is possible to break your journey between Denmark and Iceland by stopping over on the Faroe Islands. During the Summer season, travelling from Denmark on Saturday, you get a three day stop-over in the Faroe Islands (Sunday night to Wednesday afternoon). Travelling from Iceland on a Thursday, you get a two day stopover (Friday to Sunday).

In low and mid seasons, stop-over opportunities are lessened. The journey from Denmark gives you around 8 hours on the Faroe Islands. Travelling from Iceland, you get approximately 6 hours stop-over. Of course, if this isn't enough time, you could always elect to spend a week on the Faroe Islands, and catch the next ferry.


Prices for a return ticket are simply double the cost of a single ticket, although a surcharge of €10 per person applies for one-way tickets. 

Denmark - IcelandLow€150€89+ €139+ €74+ €15
Mid€179€104+ €194+ €128+ €15
High€209€118+ €332+ €180+ €15
Denmark - Faroe IslandsLow€115€74+ €129+ €69+ €15
Mid€145€84+ €162+ €108+ €15
High€160€92+ €236+ €127+ €15

Children: 3-11yrs

RouteSeason4-Berth2-Berth4-Berth2-Berth2 BerthDe Luxe
Denmark - IcelandLow€92€151€194€194€151€310
Denmark - Faroe IslandsLow€56€119€150€150€119€240

Accommodation prices are on a per-room basis. More information can be found here.

4-berth cabins are priced based on a minimum of three passengers sharing. It may be possible to share a cabin. Contact Smyril for details.

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