Malmo - Berlin (Berlin Night Express Sleeper Train)


The Journey

This journey, between Malmo and Berlin is made on-board a EuroNight sleeper service called the Berlin Night Express. The train carriages are Swedish-made, modern and comfortable, and there are various snack and food options available on-board.

A unique feature of this journey is the train-ferry crossing between Trelleborg and Sassnitz. This process sees the entire train being loaded onto and off the ferry. During the crossing, passengers are asked to leave the train to take advantage of the hot meals are available on-board the ferry (additional cost). 

Passengers have the opportunity to sleep in either a private single or double cabin, or to take a berth inside the couchette car. Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided for all.

EuroNight Sleeper Trains

EuroNight trains (often abbreviated to EN) are mainline national and international overnight train services operating on the European rail network. The majority of EuroNight services are international, and are services operated jointly by rail companies operating in each of the companies served by the route. Many of the EuroNight routes operate carriages which are shared between the rail operators.

EuroNight trains tend to operate sleeping accommodation in addition to standard seats.


Couchettes are the middle-ground between seats and proper sleeping berths. As such, they tend to be cheaper than beds and more expensive than seats. They offer passengers the chance to lie down on padded beds with a blanket and pillow. Couchettes are generally offered in shared compartments with a number of other passengers.

Euronight services tend to offer a choice of 6-bed and 4-bed couchette cabins.

Sleeping Berths

Sleeping Berths are the most comfortable sleeping option for EuroNight passengers. They generally offer full mattres beds with sheets, blankets and pillows.

Euronight services generally offer 3-bed, 2-bed and 1-bed sleeping cabins, with private washing facilities.

Facilities on EuroNight trains vary depending on the route operators. Generally speaking, passengers are permitted to travel with two pieces of luggage and one picece of hand luggage.


There is only one direct sleeper train in either direction between Berlin and Malmo. If you don't want to take this train, you could catch an alternative daytime service betwene Berlin and Copenhagen, and then a local train between Copenhagen and Malmo.

StationEN 301StationEN 300
Malmo C.21.25Berlin Hbf22.31
Berlin Hbf06.08Malmo C.08.10

The days that this service operates vary throughout the year. Please see the table below for further information.

Malmo to Berlin: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday - 30th March to 5th October. Also operates on 9th April, 26th and 31st October, and 2nd November.

Berlin to Malmo: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - 3rd April to 6th October. Also operates on 8th April, 30th October, and 1st and 3rd November.


Prices vary depending on sleeping class and ticket flexibility. Group discounts are available, as are discounts for rail pass holders. Discounts on the fares shown below are available if you don't mind buying a non-refundable 'saver' ticket. In this car

Class/TypeAdultYouth (16-25)Child (4-15)Rail Pass
Private Single Compartment250 €250 €250 €250 €
Bed in Double Compartment129 €99 €41 €39 €
Couchette Berth89 €69 €29 €19 €

Single compartments include a private WC/Shower, a light evening meal and drinks included with their fare. Couchette berths are within 6-bed shared compartments.

The Berlin Night Express is great for Inter Rail and EuRail pass holders, as you can get a ticket for just 19 € in a couchette, or 39 € in a double room. All Eurail pass holders are eligible, as are Inter Rail customers with a global or 'one country' pass for Sweden. 

If you are travelling as a family, two children under the age of 16 may travel with at least one adult for a discounted price of €33.80 per child. 

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