Genoa - La Spezia - Pisa (Regionale Train)


The Journey

There are a couple of different options for travel between Pisa and Genoa; you can either travel via the Cinque Terre on a Regionale train, or take a faster InterCity route which travels along the same route but stops less frequently. The Regionale train described here runs less frequently direct to Pisa, although there are plenty of services travelling to La Spezia (around 8mins from Riomaggiore) which has plenty of onward services to Pisa. In fact, there is only one direct service between Genoa and Pisa each day, and only travelling to Pisa. If you want to travel at any other time, or in the opposite direction, you will need to catch an InterCity service, or travel indirectly, via La Spezia.

This route is operated by single decker trains (as opposed to the double decker services found on other Regionale routes). Between La Spezia and Genoa, the journey passes along the coast, stopping at the Cinque Terre (Riomaggiore).

Trenitalia Regionale

Italian Regionale (or Regional) trains, operated by TrenItalia are the most basic train services available in the country. They operate within a single area, stopping at most stations on a route. These local services are generally much slower than Inter-City alternatives, and tend to be a little scruffy, a bit older, but most importantly, cheap.

TrenItalia operates a fleet of around 800 trains, with nearly 5,000 carriages, with thousands of services running each day.

Regionale train tickets can now be booked in advance online, and can also be printed at home. You will need to register on the TrenItalia website to take advantage of this facility.

Generally, Regionale trains only offer Second Class accommodation, although some routes do have limited First Class seating. Popular routes cab become extremely busy, and you might be lucky to find a seat. In these cases, it might be worth your while upgrading to First Class (Prima Classe) if it is available, as you are more likely to find a seat.

Some trains are air conditioned, although it tends to be a case of finding one with air conditioning that works.

Gradually, new double-deck carriages are being introduced, which will increase passenger capacity and comfort considerably. 

Seat reservations for Regionale trains are not available.

Depending on the age of the train you are travelling on, luggage may be stored above your seat or in luggage racks. Due to the popularity of these routes, you are advised to keep your belongings with you at all times.


While there is only one direct service from Genoa to Pisa, there are a number of indirect services available via La Spezia. There are no direct services from Pisa to Genoa, but indirect services available, also via La Spezia. This journey is one of the cheapest routes between the cities, but InterCity alternatives are available if you want a quicker or direct service at a different time.

Genoa / La Spezia to Pisa by Train:

Station    AB A  
Genoa (PP)06.06-07.1107.1107.5209.1714.1115.3718.0919.37
Genoa (B)06.15-07.2007.2008.0309.2614.2015.4818.1819.49
S. M.-Portofino06.47-07.5608.0608.3210.0315.0216.2618.5920.32
Sestri Levante07.10-08.1708.3508.5610.2915.4316.4819.2520.55
La Spezia (Centrale)07.5009.1209.1209.3310.20*11.3216.4518.18*20.1622.02
Sarzana-09.2809.28 10.35  18.33  
Carrara-Avenza-09.3609.36 10.43  18.41  
Massa Centro-09.4209.42 10.50  18.47  
Viareggio-10.0410.04 11.09  19.04  
Pisa (Centrale)-10.3810.38 11.42  19.27  

A: From Turin
B: From Milan

* Change at La Spezia

Pisa to La Spezia / Genoa by Train:

Station  A BB   
Pisa (Centrale)  11.09 14.34 18.34  
Viareggio  11.27 14.55 18.55  
Massa Centro  11.47 15.12 19.12  
Carrara-Avenza  11.53 15.18 19.18  
Sarzana 06.0612.01 15.26 19.26  
La Spezia (Centrale)05.3806.2712.22*12.5215.58*17.2019.58*21.1723.07
Riomaggiore05.47 12.3113.0116.0717.2920.0621.2523.15
Monterosso06.02 12.4013.1016.2117.4620.1521.3423.30
Sestri Levante06.3307.0113.0513.3516.5418.2120.3921.5923.59
S. M.-Portofino06.5907.3013.2714.0417.1718.4621.0322.2200.27
Genoa (B)07.4508.0614.1614.4518.1619.3521.5423.0301.19
Genoa (PP)07.5108.1514.2214.5118.2219.4122.0023.0901.25

A: Continues to Turin
B: Continues to Milan

* Change at La Spezia


Regional train services are very cheap, and are based on the distance you are travelling. Tickets can now be bought online in advance through TrenItalia and printed at home.

The Regionale service between Genoa and Pisa costs around €6.

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