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Zermatt - Brig - St.Moritz (Glacier Express Scenic Train)


The Journey

The Glazier Express is a luxury Swiss mountain railway, running between Zermatt and St. Moritz. The leisure journey takes around seven and a half hours, travelling across 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. This scenic journey is very slow, to allow passengers to take in the spectacular scenery on all sides of the train, at any time of the year. The large panoramic windows in each carriage give passengers the sense of being part of the scenery, rather than just looking at it from afar.

To make the most of the Glacier Express journey, you should consider breaking the journey over several days, getting off the train and staying in some of the stopping points on the way. If you don't like the idea of taking multiple days to do the trip, avoid having to do a round-trip by arranging to stay at either end of the route (this will also avoid you having to pay for a return fare - very expensive!).

While the Glacier Express does over some great photo opportunities, poor reflections can hamper your finest photography skills. Make sure you have your camera right up against the glass to avoid this, or better still, don't worry too much about taking photographs, and enjoy the view with your eyes! If you are travelling on a sunny day, you may want to aim for the side of the train away from the sun's glare, as the giant windows can have a warming effect!

Finally, it may be worth considering a regional train, or tourist day-trip route instead of the Glacier Express. These services don't offer the same level of luxury and service as the Glacier Express, but are more affordable.

Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is a train service that connects St. Mortiz and Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. It is operated by Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) and Rhaetian Railway (RhB). 

The Glacier Express is a scenic route, known for being the slowest express train in the world. The full journey takes around seven and a half hours, and crosses 291 bridges, and travels through 91 tunnels. It is a narrow gauge service, and a large number of rack-and-pinion systems are used to travel up/down steep slopes.

Each train operated by the Glacier Express has both First and Second Class carriages (36 First Class seats, 48 Second Class seats), as well as a buffet car.

Both accommodation types offer passengers a comfortable journey, with great views offered through panoramic windows. All passengers are able to listen to information about the surrounding scenery through the multi-language (German, French, English, Italian, Japanese and Chinese) audio guide. First Class passengers are offered a slightly more spacious seating arrangement to Second Class.

Food & Drink

Passengers may choose to buy a meal onboard the train, which is served in the dining car or at their seat/table. If you plan on eating on-board, you need to make a reservation in advance. Budget-conscious travellers should probably avoid buying food on the train however, as it is particularly expensive (€25-€35.50 per person). You won't be frowned upon for bringing your own food onto the train with you; most people do.

Disabled Passengers

Wheelchair users are welcome onboard the Glacier Express. A wheelchair accessible compartment is available in the First Class section of the train. This area must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. Passengers should request seat number 11 when booking to ensure they get the correct space. If you must stay in your wheelchair during the journey, you should make you reservation through the Glacier Express reservation number (+41 27 927 70 00). There is a mobile lift to help get passengers onto the train (please arrive at least 10mins before departure). Wheelchair users only pay for Second Class tickets, despite being given First Class seats. Click here for more information.

Travelling with Pets

If you would like to take your dog on-board the train, you will need to pay a supplement equivalent to half the price of a second class ticket for your journey. Small dogs (up to 30cm high at the shoulder) may be taken on-board as hand luggage, provided they remain in a suitable pet carrier. If you pay for a half-price fare, you may take your small dog out of their carrier.


There are up to four journeys per day on this seven and a half hour journey. During winter months, the number of daily services decreases significantly, with only two per day. Connecting services to nearby cities can be made at Brig.

Winter: 11.12.11 - 11.05.12
Summer: 12.05.12 - 28.10.12

Zermatt to St. Moritz by Glacier Express Train:

St. Niklaus*-09.33--10.33-
Davos Platz-16.48--17.29^-
St. Moritz--16.5818.1017.5818.10

St. Moritz to Zermatt by Glacier Express Train:

St. Moritz09.02-09.1509.1510.02-
Davos Platz09.31^----10.41
St. Niklaus**-----17.53

* Stops to pick up passengers only.
** Stops to drop off passengers only.
^ Change at Filisur

A: 25.12.12 - 02.01.12, 28.04.12 - 11.05.12
B: 26.05.12 - 23.09.12
C: 12.05.12 - 14.10.12


We would recommend that anyone taking the Glacier Express does so for a one-way journey only. There are regional trains if you need to get back to your starting point which are generally much cheaper and quicker. The prices quoted below and on the Glacier Express website are for one-way journeys. 

Route2nd Class1st Class
 CHFEuro (€)CHFEuro (€)
St Moritz - Zermatt136113.30232193.30
St Moritz - Brig10184.20172143.30
St Moritz - Andermatt73.4061.20125104.20
Davos Platz - Zermatt129107.50220183.30
Davos Platz - Brig9478.30160133.30
Davos Platz - Andermatt66.4055.3011394.20
Chur - Zermatt10990.80186155
Chur - Visp78.2065.20133.20111
Chur - Brig7461.70126105
Andermatt - Zermatt6856.7011797.50
Transfer: Zermatt - Tasch7.806.50  

Euro prices may vary depending on the exchange rate.

Children under 6 travel for free (as long as they don't take up a seat).
Children aged 6 to 16 get 50% off the adult fare.
Junior Card or Grandchild Card holders travel for free.

Large dogs may be carried ouboard for half the second-class fare for the distance travelled. Small dogs can be taken for free as hand luggage (in a container). Small dogs without containers must pay for half the second-class fare for the distance travelled.

Rail Passes:

InterRail Yoth Pass holders are now eligible for a 50% discount on Glacier Express journeys between Disentis/Muster and Zermatt. Unfortunately, this discount is only available for Youth pass holders. 

Swiss Pass holders are entitled to travel on any part of the Glacier Express for free, although must still pay the seat reservation fee (below).

Seat Reservation Fees:

Tickets on the Glacier Express are subject to a seat reservation surcharge which will be made at the time of booking. Everyone (including children over 6, railcard and discount holders) must pay the surcharge.

SeasonCHFEuro (€)

Euro prices may vary depending on the exchange rate.

Onboard Meals:

MealCHFEuro (€)
Plate of the Day3025
Three-course Lunch4335.50

First class passengers may take advantage of at-seat/table service.

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