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Vienna - Venice (Allegro Don Giovani Sleeper Train)


The Journey

At the moment, your only option if you want to travel by train direct between Vienna (Wien) and Venice (Venezia), is to travel at night. There are a number of services to choose from however, the majority of which travel between Vienna and Rome, also stopping at Venice Mestre.

This page deals with the EuroNight Allegro service 'Don Giovani', also known as the Venice - Vienna Express, which travels between the two cities also passes through Salzburg and Villach. This is the only train between the two cities that gets right to the heart of the two; Venice and Vienna. The alternative night train option goes to Rome, but only calls at Venice Mestre and Vienna Miedling, whereas this one travels to Vienna Westbahnhof and Venice Santa Lucia. If you don't fancy taking the sleeper train, there are indirect daytime services available, changing at Villach.

The service offers a range of accommodation options, including first and second class sleeping compartments, as well as second class couchettes and seating.

EuroNight Sleeper Trains

EuroNight trains (often abbreviated to EN) are mainline national and international overnight train services operating on the European rail network. The majority of EuroNight services are international, and are services operated jointly by rail companies operating in each of the companies served by the route. Many of the EuroNight routes operate carriages which are shared between the rail operators.

EuroNight trains tend to operate sleeping accommodation in addition to standard seats.


Couchettes are the middle-ground between seats and proper sleeping berths. As such, they tend to be cheaper than beds and more expensive than seats. They offer passengers the chance to lie down on padded beds with a blanket and pillow. Couchettes are generally offered in shared compartments with a number of other passengers.

Euronight services tend to offer a choice of 6-bed and 4-bed couchette cabins.

Sleeping Berths

Sleeping Berths are the most comfortable sleeping option for EuroNight passengers. They generally offer full mattres beds with sheets, blankets and pillows.

Euronight services generally offer 3-bed, 2-bed and 1-bed sleeping cabins, with private washing facilities.

Facilities on EuroNight trains vary depending on the route operators. Generally speaking, passengers are permitted to travel with two pieces of luggage and one picece of hand luggage.


There is only one overnight service per day that travels between Venice Santa Lucia and Vienna. If you don't want to take this particular sleeper train, you could catch the sleeper service between Vienna and Rome or Vienna and Milan.

Vienna Wbf20.40Venice (Santa Lucia)21.05
Linz Hbf22.32Venice (Mestre)21.18
Salzburg Hbf01.34Udine23.09
Villach Hbf04.48Tarvisio00.20
Tarvisio05.08Villach Hbf00.40
Udine06.33Salzburg Hbf04.09
Venice (Mestre)08.21Linz Hbf06.28
Venice (Santa Lucia)08.34Vienna Wbf08.22



Tickets on this route are very affordable, and can be booked online through the Trenitalia or OBB websites. Prices are on a per-person basis, and are promotional fares (the earlier you book, the lower the price).

TypeBerthsPriceRailpass Suppl.
   2nd Class1st Class
Seat-from €29€9-
Couchette4 Berthsfrom €59€39-
6 Berthsfrom €49€29-
SleeperSinglefrom €129€109€119
Doublefrom €89€69€79
3 Bedsfrom €69€49€59

Railpass supplements are payable on this route. The price paid depends on the type of accommodation you wish to travel in (details above).

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