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Paris - Berlin - Moscow (Trans European Express Train)


The Journey

Russian Railways have recently introduced an upgraded overnight service direct between Paris and Moscow, called the Trans-European Express. The trains on this route reach speeds up up to 200km/hr as they travel through five different countries en route. 

The train carries a range of Luxury, First and Second Class carriages, as well as a restaurant car. The sleeping compartments are configured as either 3-berths, 2-berths or single berths. You can opt to share a multiple berth compartment with a stranger, if you would rather not pay the extra for a single berth. Each compartment doubles up as a sitting room during the day time, with beds that fold down for the evening. Each room has its own basin, and towels, linens and toiletries are provided. 

The train's Luxury carriage offers four compartments, arranged as single or twin compartments with private bathroom facilities, as well as telveision system and complimentary breakfast. 

A dining car is attached for the length of the journey, although it is Polish between Paris and Warsaw, and Russian between Brest and Moscow. Each carriage also has a samovar, which provides hot water for drinks and snacks.

If this route doesn't take your fancy, there are alternative ways of reaching Moscow from Western Europe, including journeys from Cologne, Brussels, Helsinki and even Amsterdam.

RZD Sleeper Trains

Russian Railways (RZD) operates a number of overnight routes. The services are operated using trains of different ages and qualities, with the most luxurious trains being used on prestigious routes such as Moscow - Paris and Moscow - Nice. 

There are generally three accommodation options for your journey: Luxury, First and Second Class. Towels and soap is provided for every passenger, as well as bed linens and pillows. During the day, beds are stowed away, and replaced by seats.

Luxury Class

Luxury cabins can accommodate two passengers, with beds arranged in bunk-bed style (one above the other). The lower bed may be extended to form a double bed. Some single berth cabins are also available. Each compartment has its own toilet facilities, as well as a shower, chair, television and bar.

First Class

First Class compartments can accommodate two passengers, with beds arranged in bunk-bed style (one above the other). Some single berth cabins are also available. Each compartment also has a reclining chair and its own wash-basin.

Second Class

Second Class compartments can accommodate up to three passengers, with two of the beds arranged in bunk-bed style (one above the other). Each comparment also has a reclining chair and its own wash-basin.

If you are travelling in First or Second Class, there is an upper weight limit for luggage of 36kg, although this doesn't includ hand luggage. First Class passengers are permitted to bring up to 50kg of luggage. Bear in mind however, that your luggage will have to be stored in your cabin, and space may be limited.

Food & Drink

On most routes, a restaurant car is attached to the train. The nationality of the carriage varies depending on the country being crossed. All restaurant cars serve complete meals or snacks, as well as drinks. Some trains also have a samovar in the carriage, which provides free hot water (useful for noodles, tea etc).

Travelling with Pets

Pets may travel with passengers on this service free of charge, provided that the entire compartment is booked by the passenger/group. There is a limit of two dogs per passenger/cabin, and dogs should be muzzled and leashed. Each dog may incur an additional luggage fee.


The train normally travels on three days per week, although it does operate on an extra days during summer months. The journey takes around 38 hours, and covering a total distance of 3,177km.

Connecting services are available to Amsterdam, Brussels and Cologne.

Paris Gare de l'Est08.28Moscow Belorusskaya08.51
Mannheim15.19Smolensk Tsent.13.20
Frankfurt (Main) Sud16.15Orsha Tsent.12.50
Berlin Hbf21.29Terespol21.13
Frankfurt (Oder)23.05Warsaw Wsc.23.51
Rzepin23.18Warsaw Cen.00.05
Poznan Gl.00.52Poznan Gl.03.13
Warsaw Cen.03.57Rzepin04.48
Warsaw Wsc.04.19Frankfurt (Oder)05.11
Terespol07.24Berlin Hbf06.53
Orsha Tsent.18.13Frankfurt (Main) Sud12.35
Smolensk Tsent.20.54Mannheim14.10
Moscow Belorusskaya01.30Paris Gare de l'Est20.31

Paris to Moscow: Departures on Mondays (30.05.12 - 06.10.12), Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Moscow to Paris: Departures on Mondays, Tuesdays (28.05.12 - 04.10.12), Thursdays and Sundays.


Tickets can be bought for shared or sole occupancy. When a single passenger buys a whole compartment, two children can travel for free in Business class. When 2 adult (family) tickets are bought to occupy a compartment, one child may travel for free in Business class.

TypeOccupancy2nd Class1st ClassLuxury
Children (0-12)Shared€165€230€537
Youth (12-26)Shared€231€322€752.50
Group (6+)Shared€264€368€860
  • Ticket prices are per person, each way.
  • Child tickets are valid for under 12s.
  • Youth tickets are valid for 12-26 year olds.
  • Senior tickets are valid for over 60s.
  • Family tickets are for two adult passengers to travel in a private compartment (price per person).

Tickets for this journey can now be bought in both Russia and France.

Passengers require visas for Belarus and Russia. For passengers from the UK, transit visas for Belarus can be bought from the embassy in London for £50. Russian visas cost around £75, and can be bought from various visa agencies.

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