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Some of the information below may be out of date as a result of changing timetables and services. Please double check the accuracy of all information before travelling.

The booking forms should be up to date however, so if tickets for a particular service are available, then the service should be operational.

Ostend - Brussels - Bruges - Eupen (SNCB Train)


The Journey

The journey between Ostend and Eupen is regular and perfectly comfortable. One of the busiest segments of the route is between Bruges and Brussels, a trip that takes just over an hour. The trains are fast, and allow you to see parts of the Belgian countryside that you wouldn't otherwise see if travelling by plane. Most of the trains operating on this route have two tiers, so sit on the top deck for the best views.

SNCB InterCity Trains

SNCB (NMBS in Dutch) is the Belgian national railway operator, created in 1926. Belgian trains come in various shapes and sizes, from local/commuter routes, to InterRegional, InterCity and International services.

InterCity trains are fast services calling primarily at major stations. These services do not require advanced seat reservation, and are not available for journeys wholly within Belgium.

SNCB operated trains take various forms. InterCity services offer both Standard and First Class accommodation in air-conditioned carriages. 

Standard Class accommodation is usually arranged in blocks of two seats facing each other, with a gangway down the middle (rows of two and two). First Class accommodation is usually arranged with a pair and single set of seats separated by the gangway. Seats face each other again.

Hand luggage may be transported for free on SNCB services, although it should not exceed 30kg in weight. Storage space is provided above and below passengers' seats. 


Bicycles may be transported on SNCB trains in special bike spaces. An additional fee of €5 is payable per journey, or €8 for one day's unlimited bicycle transport. It is recommended that if you want to travel with your bicycle, you do it outside of peak hours. You will be directed to the appropriate location to store your bike by station staff.

Travelling with Pets

Pets may travel for free on SNCB trains, provided they are kept inside a pet carrier no larger than 55x30x30cm. Dogs on leads may also travel on SNCB services, but a supplement of 50% of the Second Class fare for your journey is payable (to a maximum of €2.20). Discounts are available for regular pet travellers.


Trains run regularly in either direction. An alternate service, between Bruges and Genk is also available.

Station529 545Station504505 521522
Verviers C.06.37hour22.37Gent S-P.05.2406.24hour22.2423.24
Liege G.07.00until23.09Brussels M/Z05.5706.58until22.5800.03
Leuven07.35 00.03Brussels C06.0107.02 23.0200.07
Brussels N.07.56 00.20Brussels N06.0607.07 23.0700.12
Brussels C.08.00 00.27Leuven06.2507.27 23.3000.30
Brussels M/Z08.03 00.29Liege G.07.0508.05 00.2501.25
Gent S-P.08.38 01.15Verviers C07.2408.25 00.5001.50
Brugge09.04 01.42Welkenraedt07.3708.38 01.0302.02
Oostende09.18 01.55Eupen07.4408.45 --

The last train terminating at Eupen leaves Ostend at 18.42.


If you have travelled on the Eurostar service to reach Brussels, or are booked to travel on a Eurostar service later in the day, the trip between Brussels and Bruges will cost a small additional fee (around £5.50 for standard class). This additional fare can be paid in advance by buying an 'Any Belgian Station' ticket at time of purchase, or at a Belgian station.

If you book onward travel at the same time as booking your Eurostar trip, you may specify the final or origin destination within Belgium and a seat can be reserved for you.

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