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London - Crewe - Holyhead (Virgin Train)


The Journey

If you are planning on travelling between London and Ireland by train and ferry, you may well need to take this Virgin train between London Euston and Holyhead. New trains on this route have recently been introduced by Virgin. They are clean and comfortable, with a bar serving snacks and drinks. Seats have power sockets, and wireless internet access is available (for an additional fee).

The journey takes around 3hrs and 40mins, depending on the day of travel. There are around five services each day.

If you are travelling to/from Holyhead ferry terminal, you will find the train station next to the ferry terminal, so no other interchange is required. The ferry terminal can be found at the end of Platform 2. If you are hoping to catch a ferry to Ireland after arriving by train, make sure you allow for the check-in time (generally around 45mins).

Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains is a train operating company running services along the United Kindom's West Coast Main Line; between London, the West Midlands, the North East, Wales and Scotland.

The company's main station is London Euston, and it operates six main routes:

  • London - Birmingham / Wolverhampton;
  • London - Manchester;
  • London - Liverpool;
  • London - Chester / Holyhead / Wrexham;
  • London - Glasgow; and
  • Birmingham - Glasgow / Edinburgh.

Most Virgin services are operated using Pendolino trains, although some services use tilting Super Voyager trains, which have a slightly lower top speed than Pendolino services.

Virgin Trains operate both First and Standard Class accommodation. Both benefit from internet access as well as enhanced mobile phone reception.

First Class passengers receive at table service between Monday and Friday. Depending on the time of day, passengers are offered complimentary breakfast, evening dinner or a small meal. A range of drinks are also available, with alcohol available to passengers over 18 years old for all meals other than breakfast.

First Class reclining seats have ample legroom, their own table, charging point and reading light. Passengers also receive complimentary access to Virgin First Class Lounges, which are available at Birmingham International, Birmingham New Street, Coventry, Crewe, Liverpool Lime Street, London Euston, Manchester Picadilly, Runcorn, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton stations. First Class Lounges offer passengers complimentary refreshments, internet access, desk space, televisions, and bathroom facilities (at London Euston).

Both Standard Class and First Class passengers may request to be seated in the 'Quiet Zone', which is designated as a mobile-free area (all conversations to be held away from this designated area).

Passengers may bring as much luggage as they can carry with them on-board. There are between one and three luggage compartments per carriage, and further space above seats for smaller items.

WiFi / Internet

Most Virgin trains have on-board internet access (look for the WiFi stickers on carriages). The service is free for all First Class passengers. For Standard Class passengers, access prices start from £4 for 1hr.

Disabled Passengers

Priority seating is available for disabled, elderly and/or pregnant passengers, or those travelling with small children. Priority seating should be booked at least 24 hours in advance (no charge), by contacting the JourneyCare team on 08457 44 3366. Toilet facilities are located in most carriages and are wheelchair-friendly. 


Every Virgin train has space for up to four regular sized bicycles. Spaces should be booked in advance (from any booking office or over the phone - 08719774222), but this service is free. Folding bicycles may be transported as luggage, with no restrictions.

Food & Drink

Virgin Trains operate a continental-style on-board shop, serving passengers hot and cold food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as newspapers and magazines. The shop accepts cash as well as cards, and various deals are available on-board.

Travelling with Pets

Passengers are permitted to travel with up to two dogs or other small domestic animals free of charge. Animals may not be taken into the shop. Animals other than dogs should be transported in pet carriers large enough to allow them to stand and lie in comfort. The maximum size for a pet carrier is 85x60x60. Animals (other than dogs) that do not fit within boxes of that size should not be taken onboard. Passengers may be requested to leave their animals in the luggage carriage. If so, they should be muzzled and kept on a lead. Animal boxes placed in the luggage carriage should be labelled with your name and address.

If you need to travel with more than two animals, you may be permitted to, but at an additional charge (not more than half the adult single fare).


Train times for this route vary between weekdays and weekends. The tables below highlight only the direct services between London and Holyhead. If you don't mind changing trains, there are lot more services available, changing at Chester.

London to Chester and Holyhead by Train:

StationMonday - Friday
London Euston-09.1017.1018.1019.10*
Milton Keynes (C)-09.4117.4018.4019.40
Colwyn Bay07.2611.5320.0421.0221.59
Llandudno Jct.07.3212.0020.1021.0922.06
Bangor (Gwyn.)07.4912.1620.2721.2522.22

* Reservation required for this service on Fridays.

London Euston-08.5014.1016.1017.10-17.0518.0519.05
Watford Jct.-09.05-------
Milton Keynes (C)-09.2514.4116.4117.41-17.3918.3919.39
Colwyn Bay07.2711.5216.5418.5819.5911.4620.0421.0021.59
Llandudno Jct.07.3312.0017.0119.0520.0611.5320.1121.0722.06
Bangor (Gwyn.)07.4912.1917.1719.2120.2212.0920.2721.2322.22

Holyhead and Chester to London by Train:

StationMonday - Friday
Bangor (Gwyn.)05.1406.1807.2209.2214.25
Llandudno Jct.05.3206.3607.4009.4014.43
Colwyn Bay05.3806.4207.4709.4714.50
Milton Keynes (C)--10.0112.0117.01
London Euston08.3309.3810.3812.3817.38
Bangor (Gwyn.)07.2008.2209.2212.2115.0711.2212.1713.1814.22
Llandudno Jct.07.3808.4009.4012.3915.2711.4012.3513.3614.40
Colwyn Bay07.4408.4709.4712.4615.3511.4712.4213.4214.46
Milton Keynes (C)10.0111.0112.0115.0118.0114.0215.0416.0417.03
London Euston10.3711.3812.3815.3818.3814.4315.4516.4417.44



If you want to buy a ticket for this train journey only (rather than the ticket with ferry travel included), one-way prices start from £13.50. Use the National Rail Cheap Fare Finder to find your cheapest fare, or to find a fare for a specific travel day/time.

If you are travelling to/from Ireland, the best way to buy a ticket is with a combined ferry/train ticket, costing from £30.50 one-way. These tickets can be booked directly from Stena Line or find a ticket agent using the National Rail website. If booking through Stena Line, you will only see fares that include Stena Line ferries (other ferry operators are available), you are only able to book for travel that is more than a week away, and tickets have to be posted to a UK postal address. 

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