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London - Brighton (Southern / First Capital Connect Train)


The Journey

Travelling between London and Brighton is easy and painless. In London, you can travel to/from a number of different stations, including London Bridge, London Victoria and London Blackfriars. If you don't want to catch a train, there are numerous bus services operated by companies including National Express.

Depending on how much you want to pay, and which London station you want to travel to/from, your service will either be operated by First Capital Connect or Southern. A third option is to take a Gatwick Express service between London Victoria and Brighton, although this route is relatively expensive.

Southern Trains

Southern Trains (Southern Railway Ltd, or just Southern) are a British railway operator, providing a variety of train services in the south of the country. The company manages 158 stations, with its two main stations being London Victoria and London Bridge.

The company utilises a fleet of around 300 trains, for services seven days a week. Each day, the company serves around 500,000 passenger journeys. 

Besides its own services, Southern also runs the Gatwick Express service, which runs along the Brighton mainline into London Victoria.

Southern offer both First Class and Standard Class on most of their routes. First Class accommodation offers passengers power points for working on the move, and a more relaxed atmosphere in which to travel. When a train has catering facilities available, First Class passengers are entitled to a complimentary tea, coffee or mineral water. Generally speaking, the First Class compartments are not too dissimilar to Standard Class, but on crowded commuter routes, it can make a big difference, as Standard Class passengers are not permitted to travel in First Class sections of the train.

Passengers are permitted to carry as much luggage as they like onboard. As the operator's trains differ in terms of layout and arrangement, luggage facilities vary. Generally, longer routes have luggage racks close to the train's doors.


Southern accepts folded bicycles on any of its services. Unfolded bicycles may not be carried onboard services towards London or Brighton that are due to arrive between 07.00 and 10.00, or away from London or Brighton betwen 16.00 and 19.00. Outside of those times, unfolded bicycles are accepted on all services without reservation.

Disabled Passengers

Southern trains have designated areas for wheelchair users. Station staff are on hand to provide assistance in getting between the platform and the train, using specially designed ramps. Southern trains have designated Priority Seats for those more in need of a seat. While these seats can be used by anyone, priority should be given to those in need.

Travelling with Pets

Pets are permitted on Southern services, although passengerss should ensure that they do not sit on the train's seats.

First Capital Connect (FCC)

First Capital Connect is a train operator in the United Kingdom, operating services across and around London. Around 150,000 passengers use the service each day on the Great Northern and Thameslink routes.

First Capital Connect offers First Class accommodation on selected routes. FIrst Class seats are found in compartments, or at one end of a carriage. They are generally similar to Standard Class accommodation, but as they are more expensive and therefore less popular, passengers are more likely to find a seat on busy routes.

Passengers may travel with as much luggage as they like. During peak periods on popular routes, space is limited, and therefore travelling with a large number of bags is unadvisable. 

Priority Seating

All FCC trains have specially designated 'Priority Seats' which are designed for the use of people less able to stand. While these seats may be taken by anyone, priority should be given to the disabled, pregnant women, the elderly, or those travelling with children. The company operates a system of 'Priority Cards', whereby passengers in need of a seat may present their card to somone sitting in a Priorty Seat.


Folding bicycles may be carried on FCC trains at any time. Non-folded bicycles are not permitted at the following times:

At any time between Drayton Park and Moorgate;

On trains from Stevenage or Hertford North arriving in London between 07.00 and 09.30, or leaving London on the same route between 16.00 and 19.00, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

On trains between Ely and Cambridge that arrive or depart between 07.45 and 09.45;

On Thameslink route trains to London that arrive or pass through any London station between 07.00 and 10.00 or 16.00-19.00, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Full details of the company's bicycle policy can be found here.


Different timetables are operated by the different services that run between London and Brighton.  Southern services run to/from London Victoria, while First Capital Connect services run to/from London Blackfriars/Bridge. A limited number of Southern services travel to London Bridge instead of London Victoria.

A full timetable for the London - Brighton route can be found here.

London and East Croydon to Brighton by Train:

PeriodSouthernFirst Capital Connect
Monday - FridayLdn. Victoria04.0001.00Ldn. Blkfrs.04.0523.05
 Clapham Jct.04.0801.08Ldn. Bridge-23.12
 East Croydon04.2401.24East Croydon04.3223.25
SaturdayLdn. Victoria04.0001.00Ldn. Blkfrs.04.3500.05
 Clapham Jct.04.0801.08Ldn. Bridge-00.12
 East Croydon04.2201.22East Croydon05.0200.27
SundayLdn. Victoria04.0001.00Ldn. Blkfrs.06.5523.04
 Clapham Jct.04.0801.08Ldn. Bridge-23.11
 East Croydon04.2101.22East Croydon07.2523.25

London to Brighton Train Frequencies


Mon-Fri: London Victoria - Brighton: 30mins (from 08.07)
Sat: London Victoria - Brighton: 30mins (from 07.06)
Sun: London Victoria - Brighton: 30mins (from 08.27)

First Capital Connect:

Mon-Fri: London Blackfriars - Brighton: 15-20mins (from 04.05)
Sat: London Blackfriars - Brighton: 15-30mins (from 04.35)
Sun: London Blackfriars - Brighton: 30mins (from 07.34)

Brighton to East Croydon and London by Train:

PeriodSouthernFirst Capital Connect
Monday - FridayBrighton03.5023.02Brighton05.1023.37
 East Croydon05.2800.16East Croydon06.0100.35
 Clapham Jct.05.4800.29Ldn. Bridge06.1500.51
 Ldn. Victoria05.5800.37Ldn. Blkfrs.06.2300.58
 East Croydon05.2900.16East Croydon06.1600.35
 Clapham Jct.05.4900.29Ldn. Bridge06.3000.51
 Ldn. Victoria05.5800.37Ldn. Blkfrs.06.3700.58
 East Croydon05.2700.16East Croydon06.3200.36
 Clapham Jct.05.4700.29Ldn. Bridge-00.50
 Ldn. Victoria05.5600.37Ldn. Blkfrs.06.5900.57

Brighton to London Train Frequencies


Monday-Friday: Brighton - London Victoria: 15mins (from 06.17)
Saturday: Brighton - London Victoria: 15-25mins (from 07.19)
Sunday: Brighton - London Victoria: 40mins (from 07.04)

First Capital Connect:

Monday-Friday: Brighton - London Blackfriars: 20mins (from 05.40)
Saturday: Brighton - London Blackfriars: 30mins (from 05.25)
Sunday: Brighton - London Blackfriars: 30mins (from 05.45)


Fares start from as low as £5 one-way on Southern services, and £15.40 one-way for First Capital Connect services. 

Train ticket discounts are available for groups of four or more travelling together, or if you hold a railcard (e.g. 16-25 Railcard, Network Gold Card). 

Latest fares can be found through the National Rail website. If you are flexible on when you want to travel, try the Cheap Fare Finder to find the best deals available.

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