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London - Ashford - Lille - Brussels (Eurostar Train)


The Journey

One of the most popular international train service is the high-speed Eurostar service between St Pancras International Station at King's Cross in London, and Brussels-Midi/Zuid, the Eurostar acts as the UK's route into Europe, and from Brussels, passengers can catch a variety of services into the heart of Europe.

Taking just two hours and fifteen minutes from London to Paris, and with some services calling at Ebbsfleet, Ashford, Calais, and Lille en route, it is a fast option that can be taken without your feet leaving the ground. The Eurostar is also one of the cheapest ways to get across the channel, and offers a relatively luxurious alternative to flight. It is also one of the most regular services, operating up to 6 services a day from London to Brussels, as early as twenty-five past five in the morning, and as late as eight o'clock in the evening.


The Eurostar service is a high speed train that links the United Kingdom with France and Belgium. The trains were first introduced in the mid nineties, and run on the UK's first high-speed rail line.

Eurostar operates a Frequent Traveller Programme. Customers who use the service regularly receive loyalty points for every journey booked. These points may be exchanged for free journeys on Eurostar, and cardholders may take advantage of Business Lounges, get commission-free currency, reduced check-in times and reduced hotel and car rental rates.

Standard and Standard Premier passengers should arrive at the station no later than 30mins before the train is scheduled to depart. Business Premier passengers can check-in up to 10mins before departure.

The check-in process involves an airport style passport check before passing through security scanners. Passengers then enter a waiting area before boarding the train around 10-15mins before departure.

Standard Class:

The majority of Eurostar trains consist of Standard Class seating, which is perfectly comfortable. When booking tickets, passengers are able to choose which seats they would like to occupy on their journey. Standard Class seats are generally aircraft-style, with two seats next to each other (one aisle seat and one window seat). A small number of table seats (two sets of two, facing each other) are also available in Standard Class carriages.

Tip: When choosing your seats, look towards the middle of the train, as there tend to be some older Leisure Select carriages available for Standard Class passengers. These carriages have bigger seats and more spacious layouts, but are a little bit older than other parts of the train.

Standard Class passengers are able to buy food and drinks from the on-board bar, which is fairly reasonsable value, but you may wish to bring your own refreshments with you to cut costs! Power sockets are available by the side of your seat, and luggage racks are found at the end of the carraiges.

Standard Premier:

Standard Premier carriages offer bigger seats than Standard Class, with sets of two and one in each row, and a few more table seats available. Both individual seats and seating pairs are offered in a range of formation, including single seats across tables. Complimentary magazines are available to passengers, and a light (cold) meal and drinks are served at your seat.

Business Premier:

Business Premier carriages are pretty similar in terms of space and arrangement to Standard Premier. Business passengers are able to take advantage of the Business Premier Lounge at the station (which includes a complimentary bar and refreshments), as well as access to WiFi in the Lounges and complimentary newspapers and magazines on board. Business Premier passengers can also take advantage of a full meal served at their seat.

Passengers are permitted to carry two pieces of luggage and one piece of hand baggeage on board (additional baggage may be carried for an additional charge of £25/€40 per item). Labels should be tied to every piece of luggage. 


Bicycles may be transported on Eurostar in a number of ways. If you have a folding bike, all you have to do is fully fold it and put it in an appropriate bike bag. You can then bring it aboard as a piece of your luggage. Alternatively, on routes between London and Paris and London and Brusseuls, you can reserve a space for your bicycle. This service is charged at £30 per journey, bookable over the phone or in person, and you need to provide a Eurostar ticket reference number when reserving the space. 

The alternative option is to transport your bicycle as a piece of registered baggage. Eurostar guarantee that you bike will be ready for collection within 24hrs of its registration. This service can be booked on the day of travel, or in advance of your journey so that it is ready for collection when you arrive. The charge for this service is £25, and you will need a Eurostar ticket reference number to book your bike in. Tandems are not permitted unless they can be disassembled to the length of a normal bike.

Food and Drink

Standard Class passengers may take advantage of the on-board buffet carriages on each train, serving a range of cold food and drinks. Standard Premier passengers receive a cold meal, served at their seats, along with a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Business Premier passengers are able to choose from the on-board menu, and will be served at their seats along with their choice of drinks.

Travelling with Pets

Domestic animals (excluding guide dogs) are not permitted on Eurostar services.

WiFi / Internet

Most Eurostar stations offer wireless internet access. Access is provided by Kizoom, The Cloud, SFR and Telenet. Access is charged at Ebbsfleet, Ashford, Paris and Brussels, but free at St Pancras International.


The times stated below take into account local time differences; so although a journey may look to take 3.5 hours from London to Brussels, it would actually only take 2.5.

London to Lille and Brussels by Eurostar:

Monday to Friday

  Wed-Fri      Mon-Tue 

Saturday to Sunday

 Sat Sat Sun SunSun 

Brussels and Lille to London by Eurostar:

Monday to Friday

 Mon-Wed  Wed-Fri  Thu-Fri  Mon-Tue 

Saturday to Sunday

 Sat SatSun Sun Sun 


Pricing information not only depends on the fare class you choose, but also the desired flexibility for the ticket. If there is no risk of you needing to change your travel times/dates, you will be eligible for the cheapest fare.

There are three fare levels on the Eurostar; Business Premier, Standard Premier and Standard Class. The earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket could be. The starting prices for each fare category are shown below.

Type AdultYouth/SeniorChild
  Std.Std. Prm.Bs. Prm.Std.Std. Prm.Bs. Prm.Std.Std. Prm.Bs.Prm.
Non-flexibleSinglefrom£39from £107-£38from £107----
Returnfrom £69from £189-£66from £189----
Semi-flexibleSinglefrom £141from £162--from £162-from£27.50from £75-
Returnfrom £250from £288--from £288-from £49from £132-
Fully FlexibleSingle--£276--£276--£276

An up-to-date table of fares and further information can be found on the Eurostar website

How to Buy Cheap Eurostar Tickets

If you only want to be in London or Brussels for one night, a special 'Night Clubber' fare is available for £60. This is valid for travel on Saturdaysafter 4pm, returning before 12pm the following day.

Also worth considering are the ticket + hotel packages available directly from Eurostar. These are often much better deals than found on other websites, and can save a lot of money.

Rail Pass Holders

Holders of valid rail passes may purchase Eurostar tickets for the supplements shown below. Tickets are exchangeable once, before the day of travel. These tickets cannot be booked online, and should be booked by telephone (08432 186 186).

Travel ClassSingleReturn
Standard Premier£102£180

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