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Helsinki - St Petersburg (Allegro Train)


The Journey

A new high-speed train link between Finland and Russia has recently been opened. Linking Helsinki and St Petersburg, the service has reduced journey times on this route by 2hrs. The service is Russia's second high-speed line, following the link between Moscow and St Petersburg.

As well as speeding up the journey, the route has also been designed to make it easier for international travellers to cross the border, with border checks taking place onboard whilst the train is still moving, soon after departure.

The service offers a full restaurant car, serving both Finnish and Russian cuisine. First class passengers receive a feww snack, as well as self-service tea and coffee.

For people travelling with children, there is a playroom onboard, and there is plenty of space for prams.

Customs and border checks are conducted between Helsinki and Vainkkala and between St Petersburg and Vyborg. Passengers should make sure they have their passports and tickets with them at all times when on the train, as conductors may wish to inspect your documentation as they pass through the carriages. Before reaching the border, all passengers that are not members of the Russian Federation should complete a migration card and customs declaration.

Sm6 Allegro Trains

The Sm6 Allegro trains run between Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The pendolino train's top speed is 220km/hr, allowing the journey time between the cities to be reduced by two hours.

The Allegro trains are owned and operated by Karelian Trains, which is a joint venture between VR Group (Finnish Railways) and Russian Railways (RZhD).  As such, the trains are able to adapt to the different guage standards of the two countries.

Every seat on the Allegro service has a folding table, adjustable back-rest, individual lighting, coat hanger, footrest, and storage pockets. An electrical socket is available in between every two seats. Air-conditioning is standard in all carriages, and WiFi is available. 

The service offers both First and Second Class accommodation.

First Class

First Class accommodates 42 passengers. On-board there is a meeting room available for pre-booking, complete with six seats. On each carriage, the seating is arranged in rows of three, with one seat on its own and two together, with the gangway in-between. First Class passengers have access to free tea and coffee making facilities, as well as a choice of newspapers and magazines. 

Second Class

Second class accommodates 296 passengers, in four seat rows; two seats either side of the gangway. Passengers travelling with young children can take advantage of a children's playroom.

Food & Drink

Allegro trains feature a full dining car, with space to seat 38 passengers, as well as three bars accommodating up to 12. The restaurant serves drinks and snacks as well as a la carte dishes.


Each passenger may bring up to two items of baggage with them, with a combined weight of up to 35kg. Small items of hand luggage are not included within this total. Baggage should be stored in the designated spaces. Hand luggage should either be stored above seats, or in the designated luggage spaces. 

Disabled Passengers

Dedicated space for disabled passengers is available in Carriage 2, which is also fitted with a lift to allow easier access to the train. Near to these seats is a specially adapted toilet. 


Bicycles may be brought on-board, but must be disassembled and packed into suitable boxes.

Travelling with Pets

Passengers may travel with their pets, provided that they comply with the relevant customs regulations. Passengers may take up to two dogs on leads with them, or two cages, or one cage and one on a lead. As a maximum, dog crates should not exceed 60x45x25cm, but multiple animals may be put in each cage. No animals are permitted to travel in First Class accommodation.


There are four services per day in either direction, with a total journey time of around three and a half hours. The train times shown below are local (there is a one hour time difference between the countries).

Helsinki06.1210.0015.0019.00St. Petersburg06.4011.2515.2520.25
St. Petersburg10.4814.3619.3623.36Helsinki09.1614.0118.0123.01

NB: St. Petersburg Finljandski


Tickets for this service may be purchased up to eight weeks before travel. The price of a return journey is double the single journey price. Discounts are available for groups, as well as children and seniors.

The prices listed below are for the full journey between Helsinki and St Petersburg. Prices vary if you are only travelling for part of the full journey. For a list of all fares, visit the Allegro website.

 2nd Class1st Class
Group (min. 6 adults)€67.20€110.60

Depending on where you live, the ease of buying tickets will vary. If you are in Finland, tickets can be bought from several travel agencies and at major VR stations and through the VR website (tickets cannot be bought onboard).

International customers can buy tickets by email (international.tickets@vr.fi) or online through the form below (or click on the 'Buy Tickets' link)

There are also phone numbers if you would prefer to speak to someone in person:

For callers in Russia: +358 (0) 6004 1905
For callers in Europe: +358 (0) 6004 1906

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