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The booking forms should be up to date however, so if tickets for a particular service are available, then the service should be operational.

Budapest - Sarajevo (Drava InterCity Train)


The Journey

The Drava InterCity train route between Budapest and Sarajevo is pretty quick and comfortable, although this direct service operates only once per day in either direction. First class seating and a buffet car is available between Budapest and Pecs.

The journey is relatively long and prone to delays. We recommend that you take some food and drinks with you for comfort. Passengers are asked for travel documents four times along the way.

An alternative route is also available between Zagreb and Sarajevo which may be of interest.

Hungarian State Railways (MÁV)

Hungarian State Railways (or MAV) is the national train operator for Hungary. Following a relatively turbulent history, the company operates a range of national and international rail routes from the country's many major stations.

The fastest trains are given the InterCity (IC) prefix. There are also express trains (gyorsvonat). Local trains, known as szemelyvonat are relatively slow and tend only to have second class accommodation. 

Accommodation and facilities onboard MAV trains vary depending on the route taken. IC and IP services offer first class accommodation, whereas regional routes tend not to.

Accommodation and facilities onboard MAV trains vary depending on the route taken.


Only one direct service operates each day between the two cities. Connecting services to Ploce and Zagreb are also available.

Budapest Deli09.56Sarajevo06.55
Beli Manastir14.30Slavonski Samac11.44
Slavonski Samac16.31Beli Manastir13.44
Sarajevo21.16Budapest Deli18.05



While it is unlikely that this train will sell out in advance of your journey, it can be quite busy on Fridays and Saturdays. It can be helpful to buy your tickets (and seat reservations) a few days in advance if possible. Passengers are advised to get to the station early in order to find a good compartment.

The return fare for this journey (which is significantly cheaper than the one-way fare, for some reason) is €53.60.

The return ticket (valid for one month) allows passengers to break their journey en route. So, for example, you may visit any destination that the train visits on your way, and catch the next train the following day.

This route is free for rail pass holders.

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