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The booking forms should be up to date however, so if tickets for a particular service are available, then the service should be operational.

Amsterdam - Copenhagen (Borealis Sleeper Train)


The Journey

The City Night Line service between Amsterdam and Copenhagen takes place aboard the Borealis sleeper train. A restaurant car serves passengers between Hamburg and Copenhagen. There are two border crossing points at Emmerich and Flensburg.

City Night Line Sleeper Trains

City Night Line sleeper trains are operated by Deutsche Bahn, and offer passengers the opportunity to travel between major European destinations overnight in comfortable accommodation. 

There are a number of benefits to travelling overnight on sleeper services such as these, including:

  • Saving on hotel bills;
  • Gaining an extra day at your destination;
  • Arriving at the heart of your chosen city; and
  • Generous luggage allowances.

You can view a short promotional video (in German) about the CNL service here.

City Night Line trains consist of carriages containing compartmentalised or open seating carriages, couchette cars, sleeping cars and dining cars.

Each compartment has two or three berths, and deluxe carriages provide sleeping car passengers with private bathrooms. Normal compartments include a washbasin as standard, with shower and toilet available per carriage.

Sleeper Carriages

Sleeper Car Sleeper cabins are the most comfortable way to travel (although also the most expensive). You can choose to take a bed in a shared cabin (single sex double, triple or quad berths), or pay for a private cabin (for one, two, three or four people). Included in the price of your sleeper car ticket is:

  • Bedding (incl. duvets and pillows)
  • Air conditioning
  • Breakfast (continental)
  • Washing facilities (shared toilet per carriage, or private en-suite bathroom for 'Deluxe' passengers)
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Drinking water

Passengers may choose to opt for a 'Deluxe' cabin, which is slightly larger than a standard sleeping cabin. Passengers travelling in deluxe class benefit from a free drink on arrival, as well as a private en-suite shower/toilet. All compartments have a power socket for charging mobile phones/laptops etc.

If you are travelling in a group, it is possible to book adjoining compartments with inter-connecting doors in order to create your own mini-suite.


Four and six berth couchettes are available, both privately or shared. Single sex and wheelchair accessible cabins are also available on request. Couchettes are thinner than standard beds, but allow you to lie down fully, and are generally more comfortable that reclingin seats. During the day, the beds are stowed by the train's stewards, leaving bench seats facing each other.

There are normally six bunk beds per couchette compartment, although four-berth compartments are also available for a slight supplement, and can be a less-crowded experience. 

Each couchette features:

  • Bunk-bed style beds
  • Lockable door for the room
  • Luggage storage
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Shared washbasins
  • Toilet/shower facilities in each carriage
  • Temperature controls in each room

Reclining Seats

The cheapest travel option on-board the City Night Line service is in the seating car. Two seating types are offered: open-plan reclining seats, and six-reclining seat compartments (not lockable). Seating carriages don't generally have their own attendant, and can be a bit more intimadating than the relatively private couchette or sleeping cars.

Shared washrooms and toilets are available in each coach, and blankets are available upon request.

Food & Drink

On certain CNL services there is a restaurant/bistro car which serves food and drink. Sleeping car passengers are served their breakfast in this carriage where applicable, and couchette/seated passengers may pay for breakfast separately if so desired.

If your train does not include a buffet car, passengers entitled to complimentary breakfast will be served in their compartments. A 'room service' option is also available, serving light snacks and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Passengers are welcome to bring their own food and drink onboard with them.


Bicycles may be taken onboard CNL services, although space is limited, and passengers must reserve a space in advance for a fee of between €10 and €15 depending on the route. 

Disabled Passengers

All CNL routes include at least one compartment designed for passengers with restricted mobility. This two-berth couchette compartment is located adjacent to the disabled toilet.


The Borealis train runs daily, throughout the year, following the timetable below. The restaurant car is available between Hamburg and Copenhagen. 

Amsterdam Centraal19.01Copenhagen18.10*
Utrecht19.29Hoeje Taastrup18.22*
Duisberg Central21.47Odense20.11*
Düsseldorf Central22.02Kolding20.58*
Cologne Central22.28Padborg22.18*
Wuppertal Central23.14Flensburg22.33*
Dortmund Central23.56Neumünster23.35*
Hamm (Westf) Central00.14Hamburg Central00.31*
Bielefeld Central00.43Bielefeld Central03.55
Hamburg Central03.56+Hamm (Westf) Central04.25
Neumünster04.50+Dortmund Central04.47
Flensburg05.53+Wuppertal Central05.38
Padborg06.07+Cologne Central06.14
Kolding07.43+Düsseldorf Central06.54
Odense08.33+Duisburg Central07.09
Hoeje Taastrup09.53+Utrecht09.27
Copenhagen H10.07+Amsterdam Centraal09.55

* Between 21st July 2012 and 20th October 2012, trains will depart Copenhagen at 17.26 on Saturdays, with passengers boarding the train between Roskilde and Hamburg advised to check the departure time of the train from their station, as it may also change. 

+ Until 21st October 2012, arrival time at Copenhagen is 10.54. Passengers alighting the train between Roskilde and Hamburg advised to check the arrival time of the train at their station, as it may also change. 


Two fare classes are available; economy and deluxe. Children up to and including the age of 5 are permitted to travel for free. Children over the age of 5 can take advantage of lower than adult fares, although promotional/special fares are only slightly cheaper for children than for adults, and around 60% cheaper for normal fares.

City Night Line services are very affordable, with a range of fare classes and accommodation options available. Reservation-only tickets are available to ticket-only reservations (most likely to be applied to InterRail/EuroRail tickets). Fares will vary depending on your origin and destination station, so check the exact fare using the link at the bottom of the page.

ClassCarBerthsReservation OnlySpecial 
(Ticket + Reservation)
(Ticket + Reservation)

All fares are one-way, return prices are twice the single fare.

Rail Pass Fares

If you are planning to travel on the City Night Line with your rail pass (InterRail or Eurail), you must pay a surcharge/reservation fee to book a seat/couchette/bed. You must also hold a valid pass for all the countries that the train is passing through, not simply the origin and destination countries. Rail pass passengers may only book a deluxe sleeper room if they hold a first class rail pass.

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