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Edinburgh - Amsterdam (Train + Ferry)


The Journey

If you are travelling between the Edinburgh (or elsewhere in the north east of the UK) and Amsterdam, there is a great alternative to flying which involves just three trains and a ferry. The journey between London and Edinburgh takes between four and five hours, with services running fairly frequently (see the East Coast Mainline website for precise timings). The London - Amsterdam (Dutch Flyer) service takes around 14 hours, and you can choose whether to travel overnight or by day.


Tickets between Edinburgh and London cost from £14.50 single. Dutch Flyer tickets between London and Amsterdam start from as little as £39 single, and £78 return. This price includes the train from London to Harwich, the ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland and the onward train service to Amsterdam.

This gives a combined total for the whole journey of just £53.50 each way, a bargain considering the amount of travel involved! The night option gives you the most time at either end (most efficient), but is more expensive (about £20 extra each way, as you have to pay for a cabin).

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