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Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne (Newcastle) is a large city in the north east of England. The city is situated on the River Tyne; the reason for its early development by the Romans. 

Newcastle is served by a metro system, as well as bus services provided by three main bus companies. The city's station is an important point along the East Coast Main Line and Cross Country Route. When opened, it was the first covered railway station in the world.

How to get to Newcastle upon Tyne from
Route 1:

The train between London and Edinburgh is operated by East Coast, travelling up the east side of England and Scotland along the historical East Coast Mainline, between London King's Cross and Edinburgh Waverley. The relatively quick journey is a great alternative to flying, as it gets you right to the heart of the cities in a matter of hours, and for a very reasonable price (as long as you book in advance!).

In the past, a number of these services continued to/originated from Glasgow Central. East Coast now only operates one Glasgow service per day Mondays-Fridays, none on Saturdays and only one on Sundays. If you are travelling between London and Glasgow, the West Coast Man Line is a better option.