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Some of the information below may be out of date as a result of changing timetables and services. Please double check the accuracy of all information before travelling.

The booking forms should be up to date however, so if tickets for a particular service are available, then the service should be operational.


Holyhead is an important port city situated in Anglesey, Wales. The city is actually located on a small island, Holy Island. The port is very busy, particularly with journeys to/from Ireland.

Both Irish Ferries and Stena Line operate from Holyhead port, with frequent services to Dublin. The city is also the terminus of the North Wales Coast Line, which carries trains operated by Virgin and Arriva Trains Wales. Direct train services to London are operated by Virgin Trains.

How to get to Holyhead from
Route 1:

Travelling between London and Dublin is remarkably quick, and best of all, it is excellent value! The SailRail fare entitles you to travel between any station in Great Britain to Dublin for £33 or £38, depending on which ferry you pick.

There are a whole host of train and ferry services that you can choose to make this journey (follow the links below to find the timetables for each leg). The timings below show you the most efficient way to make the journey (quickest journey, with maximum of one train change).

London to Dublin by Train and Ferry:

Monday - Friday

TrainLondon Euston07.10a09.1009.1012.10b19.10

Saturday - Sunday

TrainLondon Euston08.5008.5012.10b18.10b08.15a11.15a19.05

Dublin to London by Ferry and Train:

Monday - Friday

ModeStopMonday-  Friday
London Euston16.3816.3815.3821.42

Saturday - Sunday

ModeStopSat Sun
London Euston16.3816.3815.3822.4316.4416.4416.44

a: Change trains at Crewe.
b: Change trains at Chester.
c: Change trains at Bangor.

IFDS: Irish Ferries 'Dublin Swift'
IFU: Irish Ferries Standard Ship
SL: Stena Line Standard Ship (Nordica, Adventurer, Explorer)

Route 2:

If you are planning on travelling between London and Ireland by train and ferry, you may well need to take this Virgin train between London Euston and Holyhead. New trains on this route have recently been introduced by Virgin. They are clean and comfortable, with a bar serving snacks and drinks. Seats have power sockets, and wireless internet access is available (for an additional fee).

The journey takes around 3hrs and 40mins, depending on the day of travel. There are around five services each day.

If you are travelling to/from Holyhead ferry terminal, you will find the train station next to the ferry terminal, so no other interchange is required. The ferry terminal can be found at the end of Platform 2. If you are hoping to catch a ferry to Ireland after arriving by train, make sure you allow for the check-in time (generally around 45mins).

Route 3:

If you are planning on catching an Irish Ferries sailing between Holyhead and Dublin, you have the choice of two boats, the faster Dublin Swift, or the luxurious Ulysses Cruise ship. The latter is cheaper and has a greater range of facilities on board, but takes around twice as long to cross the Irish Sea.

After checking in at Holyhead, passengers are transferred to the boat by free shuttle bus, as they are located a short distance from the terminal.


The Ulysses is an enormous car and passenger ferry, apparently one of the world's largest car ferry (with the ability to carry 1342 cars and 2000 passengers). The boat has a range of facilities, including cinema, bars, lounges and restaurants. The ship is also equiped with WiFi (additional cost). Cabins are available for passengers (full details and options available here).

Dublin Swift

The Dublin Swift travels at around 80kph during the short crossing. Onboard, passengers have the choice of two bars and two restaurants, as well as a TV lounge, entertainment stage and gaming area. WiFi is also available at an additional cost.

At the Dublin end of the journey, both ferries serve Dublin Ferryport. Dublin city centre can be reached most easily by bus or taxi. A bus is waiting for passengers on arrival at the Ferryport, with journeys to Dublin's central bus station costing €2.50 for adults, and €1.25 for children. If you aren't planning on heading to Dublin, the Ferryport is a two minute walk from Dublin Connolly Station, which has trains to Belfast and Wicklow. If you are planning on travelling to Cork or Galway, catch a tram from Dublin Connolly Station to Heuston.

Route 4:

There are three types of ship that operate on this route, the Stena Nordica, the Stena Adventurer and the Stena Explorer. The Stena Explorer offers the easiest connection at Holyhead, whereas the other ships require passengers to catch a bus from the ferry terminal to the ship. For those passengers travelling to Holyhead by train, the Stena Express doesn't fit in very well with arriving trains, so this isn't the best rail and sail option.

The crossing takes between 2 hours and 3hrs 15mins depending on which ship you are sailing on. 

Passengers must make sure that they check-in in time for departure.

Latest Check-in TimeTime before Departure
Stena Adventurer45mins
Stena Nordica45mins
Stena Explorer60mins