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Colchester is a historic town in Essex, United Kingdom. It claims to be the oldest town in Britain, as well as being home to the oldest recorded market in the country. The town is situated around 100km north-east of London, and is therefore popular with commuters working in the capital.

The town is served by a bus network, run by a number of different operators. It is also situated on the Great Eastern Main Line, with InterCity services to destinations including Chelmsford, Norwich, Stratford and London.

How to get to Colchester from
Route 1:

One of the best ways to reach the Netherlands is by the Dutch Flyer service. This involves catching a ferry from Harwich International. Fortunately, there is a direct train route between London and Harwich, which is timed to coincide with ferry arrivals/departures.

The trains are comfortable, but nothing fancy. Both first and second class seating is available, although there isn't much difference between the two.