Warning to Visitors

Some of the information below may be out of date as a result of changing timetables and services. Please double check the accuracy of all information before travelling.

The booking forms should be up to date however, so if tickets for a particular service are available, then the service should be operational.


Malmö is Sweden's third largest city, one of the largest in Scandinavia. Since the completion of the Öresund Bridge, the city has undergone a transformation, becoming more popular with industry.

Malmö is linked to Copenhagen by both rail and road links, with Oresundtrains running across the bridge every 10-20 minutes. A new tunnel now allows rail traffic to travel under the city centre, meaning that Malmo Central Station is no longer solely a terminus.

How to get to Malmö from
Route 1:

The high speed, 125mph X2000 (XDE) train between Copenhagen and Stockholm via Malmo is a comfortable journey with first and second class seating options. There is also a buffet car if you get hungry during the 5 hour journey.

There are several direct services between Stockholm and Copenhagen each day, but if the timings aren't suitable, there are services every hour between Malmo and Stockholm, with local connecting services available to Copenhagen, across the Oresund Bridge.

Route 2:

This journey, between Malmo and Berlin is made on-board a EuroNight sleeper service called the Berlin Night Express. The train carriages are Swedish-made, modern and comfortable, and there are various snack and food options available on-board.

A unique feature of this journey is the train-ferry crossing between Trelleborg and Sassnitz. This process sees the entire train being loaded onto and off the ferry. During the crossing, passengers are asked to leave the train to take advantage of the hot meals are available on-board the ferry (additional cost). 

Passengers have the opportunity to sleep in either a private single or double cabin, or to take a berth inside the couchette car. Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided for all.