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Strasbourg is a French city, located close to the German border. The city is the location for a number of important European institutions, and is the official seat of the European Parliament. The city's historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, whilst the city as a whole is important in terms of trade and manufacturing.

The city's train station, Gare de Strasbourg offers services into Germany as well as mainland France and Switzerland. Public transport within the city consists of a tram system, supported by bicycles and pedestrian routes.

How to get to Strasbourg from
Route 1:

The service between Paris and Munich (with some services terminating in Stuttgart) is operated on the high-speed TGV line, with a total journey time of less than four hours to Stuttgart, and less than six hours to Munich. Much of the TGV service has been recently redecorated/rejuvinated to provide comfortable and clean interiors for your journey.

It is also possible to reach Munich via Cologne, or on the City Night Line service, which also calls at Stuttgart.