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Nice is a fantastic seaside city, situated on the south coast of France. Once of its most famous features is the Promenade d'Anglais, a wide promenade on the seafront, reminiscent of English seaside town promenades (hence the name!).

The old town (Vieux Nice) is a beautiful, colourful network of narrow streets and alleyways with picturesque houses, shops and squares. The Colline du Chateau offers great views over the city, including the old town and harbour.

Inside the city, a tram service operates, linking the train and bus stations with the university and town centre. There is also a well developed bus system which operates throughout the city, and is very reasonable in price. There is no metropolitan railway, as much of the city is accessible on foot or by any of the many bus services.

A new public bicycle system has been introduced, called Velo Bleu. Similarly to the Paris system, this allows people to borrow a public bicycle for up to 30 minutes free of charge, which is more than enough to reach most parts of the city.

The easiest way to reach Nice from outside is by train. The city is served by a direct line to Paris, as well as local routes to Cannes, Ventimiglia and Monte Carlo. The direct service to/from Paris takes around 6 hours. International services also travel from Nice to Italian cities including Milan, Genoa, Rome and Venice.

How to get to Nice from
Route 1:

The high-speed TGV service from Lille Europe to Nice takes around 7-8 hours, passing through the whole length of the French countryside.

There are only two services a day in either direction. A more frequent alternative journey, Paris - Nice (TGV) is also available, but can be a little more inconvenient than the Lille - Nice option if you are coming from a connecting train due to the cross-city Metro change at Paris.

Route 2:

An epic train journey has recently been re-created by Russian Railways in an attempt to link the Russian capital, Moscow, wih the South of France at Nice. The route is designed (perhaps unsurprisingly) for Russians wanting to catch a bit of sun, and hopes to revive some of the glamour of long distance train journeys.

The two day journey doesn't come cheap, with prices starting at over €300, and going as high as €1200. It isn't your average journey however, with comfortable rooms and furnishings. Each compartment has two berths, which can be shared or sole occupancy. Breakfast is included in ticket prices, and is served in the dining car. There are a number of different (tasty) options to choose from.

The rooms, while comfortable, can be a bit on the warm side, and unfortunately the windows don't open, preventing passengers from making the most of air conditioning au naturale! They also lack power sockets, so you will need to bring plenty of old fashioned reading material, or be prepared to make the most of the wide range of views on offer.

Passports and visas are checked at the Poland/Belarus border. At the border, the wheel gauge is changed, but passengers stay onboard for this process. Passengers who aren't Russian will require a transit visa to travel through Belarus. This can be obtained from the Belarussian Embassy. You will be removed from the train if you do not have an appropriate visa.

Want more information? Shaun Walker has written a good in-depth account of his journey on the Nice to Moscow train for the Independent.

Route 3:

The high-speed TGV service from Paris to Nice and Ventimiglia takes around 6 hours, passing through almost the whole length of the French countryside. An alternative journey, Lille - Nice (TGV) is also available, but generally terminates at Nice. The direct service to Ventimiglia doesn't run as often as services terminating at Nice, as shown in the Timetables section.

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