Croatia has good border relations with both Italy and Slovenia. For this reason it is easy to travel between these countries. It is famous for its swimming beaches and mountainous national parks. Arguably the most naturally beautiful of these is the Plitvice National Park. There are many UNESCO world heritage sites in the towns and country alike.

Whilst Croatian train services are improving, some routes are quicker by bus and more pleasant by the, often longer ferry. It is quite straightforward to get to Croatia in the first place. Croatia is accessible by overland transport, through international rail services to/from Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and others. Buses also run from Italy, with daily services departing from Rome and Venice.

Once inside the country, travelling overland is easiest by bus or ferry, as the national rail service is still improving.

The Croatian Railways website has up-to-date information on some of the country's routes.

A variety of ferry companies serve the network of islands off the coast of Croatia, including:

  • Jadrolinja;
  • SNAV; and
  • Azzura Lines.