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Liege is a major Belgian city within the French speaking region of the country. The city is located in the valley of the River Meuse, and can be found near the country's border with the Netherlands and Germany. 

The city is home to one of the largest river ports in Europe, and is directly connected to Antwerp, Rotterdam and Germany by river/canal. The city is served by various train routes that run through Liege-Guillemins, offering services to Brussels, the Netherlands, France and Germany. Two high speed rail links are currently being built to link the city with the country's high speed rail network.

How to get to Liege from
Route 1:

The journey between Ostend and Eupen is regular and perfectly comfortable. One of the busiest segments of the route is between Bruges and Brussels, a trip that takes just over an hour. The trains are fast, and allow you to see parts of the Belgian countryside that you wouldn't otherwise see if travelling by plane. Most of the trains operating on this route have two tiers, so sit on the top deck for the best views.

Route 2:

This direct service between Paris, Brussels and Cologne is particularly useful if you are travelling to/from other parts of Europe. Cologne links many European rail destinations, whilst Brussels and Paris have direct links with the United Kingdom via Eurostar.

This journey, made on board a high-speed Thalys service is the most convenient way to travel between the two cities, with regular services throughout the day. There is an alternative InterCity Express service that runs between Brussells and Cologne a few times each day, details of which can be found on its dedicated route page.