Albania lies in south-eastern Europe, and is bounded by the Adriatic sea on its western coast. The country has witnessed rapid economic growth in recent years, and is now home to over 3 million people. Albania is generally very welcoming to tourists, though English is not commonly spoken. The country is famous for its beaches and historical cities.

Travelling overland to Albania isn't that easy, as there are no international train services that reach the country. What you can do however, is catch a ferry from Bari in Italy to Durres, from where you can reach the rest of Albania. There are also ferries from Corfu to Sarande.

Bus services also operate to the country, travelling from Istanbul, Athens and Sofia. You can also reach Monetenegro by bus or shared taxi.

The trains inside Albania are generally pretty poor quality, although they are also very cheap and offer an unrivalled experience in terms of culture and scenery.