Warning to Visitors

Some of the information below may be out of date as a result of changing timetables and services. Please double check the accuracy of all information before travelling.

The booking forms should be up to date however, so if tickets for a particular service are available, then the service should be operational.


Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. It is possible to catch formal and informal ferry services from Jakarta, travelling to Singapore and Australia. Those wishing to travel to/from Jakarta without flying will need to find a cruise liner, passenger-carrying freighter or private yacht that is willing to transport them.

One of the best ways to get to/from the city is by offering to help out on a private yacht trip. You may be required to help out on deck in return for your passage; but this is a great way of earning a free trip and not the most uncomfortable way to do it either.

How to get to Jakarta from
Route 1:

When travelling to/from Australia without flying, the most difficult part of the journey is between Singapore/Indonesia and Australia. For this leg, you need to find a cruise ship, passenger-carrying freighter or yacht that is willing to carry you.

One company that specialises in passenger freighter trips, Globoship, does offer a regular service between Singapore and Melbourne, which takes about two weeks, with prices starting from £1300 for a single ticket.

There are only two fare-paying passenger cabins onboard, but these are quite spacious, with full use of a small swimming pool/sauna, en-suite shower-room/toilets and medical facilities. While the cabins aren't the height of luxury, they are perfectly comfortable for your two week journey. Each room contains a double bed, sofa, sitting area, coffee table, fridge, TV (although you are only likely to have reception near the coast) and radio.

Passengers eat all their meals in the officer's mess, and a small gym is available for passengers' use.