South Africa

South Africa is a very large country, situated on the southern tip of the African continent. The country is split into nine provinces, with two additional territories. Pretoria is the administrative capital city, whilst Cape Town is the legislative and governmental capital. The country was the 2010 host of the football World Cup. Summers in South Africa are very hot, with much of the landscape varying from desert to sub-tropical.

South Africa is great as a destination in itself, as well as a starting point for further travels into the rest of Africa. The country is relatively well developed in terms of infrastructure, although rural areas are still some of the poorest and least developed in the world. The South African government is stable, although the government's support of Robert Mugabe has cast some doubt over the government's belief in human rights and democracy.

Whilst the easiest way of getting to South Africa is by plane, you can also get there by boat (freighter or cruise), as well as by car. The South African rail service is operated by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), and there are a variety of budget and luxury rail services. A number of major towns and cities have their own metropolitan rail systems.